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 HL2-RP: Changes you need to know.

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PostSubject: HL2-RP: Changes you need to know.   Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:45 pm

This thread is for those who were originally from one of the old communities that ran HL2-RP off of this branch of folks, so if you aren't included to who I'm referring to, you'll probably not get a single damned thing from this thread.

This iteration of HL2-RP is fairly similar to what we had on Adaptive or Terminus HL2-RP. This thread covers what's changed and why, to keep you bunch up to speed.

  • Merged CmD and DvL into one rank: DeC

Probably one of the bigger changes is the absolution of the Commander and Divisional Leader ranks in the CPA. Both were removed due to lack of roleplay involvement and few uses. Commanders were just mini-sectorials that did not differ much in power, being that their only rp interaction was being the bell-boy of the SeC to check on the squads to make sure they weren't burning the house down. Divisional Leaders were nexus-bound bozos who were supposed to lead their squad without going outside, while I feel someone that is leading a squad should be patrolling alongside them and working with them to achieve those goals, not to mention that Divisional Leaders only allowed being in the Nexus caused a lot of units to almost never leave the Nexus, leaving the streets rather empty. The Deployment Commander is the solution to this problem, as they have further purpose, the ability to leave the nexus so long as they have body-guards, and a power difference between the Sectorial Commander. Deployment Leader's primary job is to hound down malignant activity in the precinct, and with this, they are issued an entire squadron of overwatch soldiers to do their bidding, having complete authority over them. Deployment Leaders are the bridge between Overwatch operations and the CPA, and are also tasked with ensuring the squads are doing their jobs. Additionally, the DeC's can only call Judgement Waivers, while a SeC can call an Autonomous Waiver as well.

  • Removal of i5/i6/i7

Too many unnecessary ranks, I don't think anyone's going to have a problem with that.

  • NcO is self-promotion to OfC, requiring you to know first-aid, weapons maintenance, and how to drive and operate the turret of an APC.

Past a certain rank I think should know all of that as a requirement, as a unit not knowing those basic skills is a hinderance. Thus, to ascend to OfC from NcO, you require to undergo those trainings if you have not already.

  • EpU/EtU/EmU/EiU changed to EsC

The fact that the rank name changed for each squad it was in was unnecessary. And since they are now lead by a Squad Leader and not a Divisional Leader, allowing us to call them squads, Elite Squad Captain fits well. Not much change in terms of power or looks or whatever. Same bat time, same bat station, same shitty model.

  • CPA Rollbonus Nerf

Roll bonuses are not as powerful as they were before, if you want to check the master-list. However, everything from DeC and up recieves the same bone-shattering power due to transhumanization. Below that, all the units are getting are steroids.

  • OTA changes to COTA

COTA flies off the tongue better it feels (Just try saying Oh-Tee-Aye and COAT-ah back and forth and you'll see what I mean) and we also have slightly different ranks. OWS remains the same (with maybe a light teensy downtake on the rollbonus but not too much) EOW changes to OWC (OverWatch Captain) and a new rank, OWR. The fact comes to be is that Combine Soldiers are indeed still human, but they have been modified to the willing of the Combine. They aren't stripped of their humanity, in fact that's why the Combine has enlisted them as soldiers: Their humanity. It offers as a leverage point against the resistance to fight their own kin, and with that, Overwatch still pertain their personality and emotions, but none of that will stop them from serving their prime directive: To serve the combine. The one thing that is removed however, besides the ability to resist the Combine, is their memories post-transhumanization. Their life as they know it started when they were transhumanized into the super-soldiers they are known to be.

With that being said, training to be the ultimate super-soldier is still needed, as it isn't just planted into their head. OWR are trained by OWCs in combat and strategy, and are then to rank up to OWS once they pass initiation.

  • Vortigaunts do not 'evolve' in power (ie: Enlightened, Transcendant) but are more powerful together.

In HL2, no Vortigaunt is stronger than the other. There aren't Enlightened, there aren't Transcendant. What there is, however, is a notable distinguished power difference between one vortigaunt and several vortigaunts together, such as Vortigaunts healing Alyx's wounds, or blocking Gman from controlling Gordon. From that, Vortigaunts will receive a +25 roll bonus, PLUS 10 for each nearby Vortigaunt, allowing for Vortigaunts to be more powerful in groups.

Also, Biotics can shoot weak static shocks, but not your average vortibeam. Additionally, it takes no time for a Vortigaunt to regain their powers or connection to the Vortessence, as the shackles are more like jamming devices and not disablers.
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HL2-RP: Changes you need to know.
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