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 COTA Application Format

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PostSubject: COTA Application Format   Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:35 pm

Keep in mind, you must be at least a rank of i1 or higher to apply for an COTA unit!

Current Steam name:
Steam Profile Page:
Full unit name (tag, division and rank included):
Division Head (Please include their IC name and OOC name):
What do you know about the COTA?:
At what rank may a member of the Overwatch carry an Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle?:
Have you had any previous COTA experience?:
What is the purpose of the COTA?:
Give an example of what an COTA soldier's description might look like:
Why would the COTA be called into a city?:
You find yourself alone and surrounded by rebels, what do you do?:
Give a short example of how an OWS might communicate with his assigned EOW over the radio.:
As an OWS, a DvL tells you to go to UCH:01, but your OWC tells you to go elsewhere, what do you do?:
You are told to watch the entrance to a housing block when a seemingly harmless citizen walks up to you, what do you do?:
What does S2M mean and how should it be applied during a firefight?:
You get shot in the leg and it penetrates your armour, how would your soldier react?:
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COTA Application Format
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